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CRM Minute: Conversational Resourcing

We can use resourcing (anything that brings us joy, peace, or calm) in conversation with others during or after a stressful event.  This might be after a crisis or loss.  Some questions we can as are “can you tell me about the moment help arrived”, “what are some meaningful memories with them”, or “who or what is helping you the most right now?” This can switch our focus from distress to empowerment and hope. Check out this week's video here.

“Hope is an innate survival trait that seems to exist in every child’s head and heart, but even so it needs to be encouraged and cultivated.  If it is, hope can take root even in the grimmest of situations.”

           -Jane Goodall, The Book of Hope

CRM Minute Month 4 Week 2 Conversational Resourcing
Download PDF • 267KB

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