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Gestures or spontaneous movements can be our guide as well as intentionally used to bring us back into our wellness.  Listening to our bodies and using movement can be powerful avenues for change.

Laughing Child



When we smile or laugh, we are using muscles in our face that are used to firing when we feel happy or joyful.  Sometimes by smiling on purpose, we can reignite that sensation and get that felt sense of joy again.


Confidence boost

Feeling small or nervous?  Use one of your confidence stances of standing up straight, eyes focused, and strong stance.  Let your body give you a boost of confidence-and believe in yourself!

Confident Woman
Holding Hands


soothing gESTURE

Hugs (self or others), folding or holding hands, or placing a hand over your heart can all be sources of comfort.  What other gestures produce a level of comfort?



Simple movements of stretching can release tension that's built up in our bodies.  Go for a walk, do yoga, or another exercise practice to keep your body in balance.

Group Stretching
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