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shift & stay

Shift from distress to wellness with one of the CRM skills (Tracking, Resourcing, Grounding, Help Now!, and Gestures) and then stay with that skill to strengthen that wellness.  Or if one skill isn't working, continue trying other skills until you are back into your Resiliency Zone.

Autumn Walk


nature bath

Maybe during the week you only have time for a quick walk around the block.  Later in the week is there time to spend a longer time outside?  Sink into the experience, take it all in!


Hobby time

Is there a hobby that is Resourcing for you?  Do you like to do the hobby by yourself or with others?  Spend some time in your favorite hobby, noticing the felt sense of enjoyment, calm, or accomplishment that comes from being fully present in the hobby.

Pottery Workshop
Notebook and Pen



Writing or journaling as a daily practice can help release our thoughts out into the world, leaving our minds more ready to engage the challenges of the day with a greater capacity.  Free write, use journal prompts, or doodle-the important thing is that it works for you!



If one skill or practice hasn't worked, or it used to work but no longer brings a sense of wellness, view this with openness and curiosity.  Keep searching and trying different skills, ask a trusted friend for suggestion, or reach out for more professional help.  Believe in your capacity to change and grow.

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