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Community Resiliency Model® 

The Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® is a biological model that teaches us how our mind and body are connected.  CRM helps us understand how stress and trauma affect us, our nervous systems, and our emotions and behaviors. It gives us wellness skills to build resilience.  This biological model empowers us with simple wellness skills to get us back into our resilient zone where we are more calm, focused, and functioning as our best self.  Because it is based in biology, these skills can be used across the lifespan and in a variety of settings.  CRM creates common language around these tools so that we can use them for ourselves, with our children, and across our community.  

Developed by Elaine Miller-Karas, cofounder of the Trauma Resource Institute, the Community Resiliency Model has been used with communities around the world.  The Resiliency Zone is the foundation of this model.  We all have our Resiliency Zone where we are able to function at our best selves, ebbing and flowing with the events of our day.  We also can get bumped out of the Resilient Zone, into the High or Low Zones where our bodies experience the stresses of anxiety, rage, depression, or numbness for example.  These are normal biological reactions.  The goal of CRM is to utilize wellness skills to get back into the Resilient Zone and then expand this zone.  By expanding our Resilient Zone we can withstand and fully live into the larger ebbs and flows, making it more difficult to get bumped.  

Find out more about Elaine's work through the Trauma Resource Institute at

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