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When we are Resourcing, we intentionally interact or call to mind a person, place, thing, memory, or activity that brings a sense of peace, joy, comfort, or calm.  We can build our own resiliency, and by connecting with others we also can build collective strength.

Two Men Fishing


Connect with a friend

Is there someone you want to spend time with, who brings you joy?  Call, message, drop by, or look at pictures of times together to grow that sense of connection and community.  Resourcing is the strongest tool to combat loneliness, even when we cannot always physically share space with others.


Nature & Pets

Can you opt outside, even for a brief walk around the block?  Or spend some time in a green space like a park, nature trail, or a body of water.  Notice the sun, clouds, smells in the wind.  We can also be with our pets.  All of these are resources that strengthen the felt sense of calm and move our attention outwards from ourselves to our larger community.

Woman and Dog on Hike
Little Girl Praying


Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices can help reconnect us to our foundation.  Songs, traditions, readings, prayers, and other practices  can strengthen our calm and remind us of our hope in the darkness.  These can be done individually and together.


favorite place

Is there a favorite place you like to go when you want to recharge? Maybe it's far away, a tree in the backyard, or a spot in your house.  Wherever it may be, go there in person or in your memory, calling to mind as many details as possible about this place.  Track the sensations you notice while in this place.

Cabin by the Lake
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