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CRM Minute: Choices and Connections

One of the things I love now about CRM, and especially Help Now strategies, is the friendly reminder that we have choices.  If the day is sending us on a roller coaster, we can invite a few little things in to try and change our perspective, gain some balance, or pause to steady ourselves.  Help Now reminds us that we can do this simply by inviting our senses into the experience. Or maybe change the scenery!  Dance!  Sing! Make a choice and give it a try! Click here for this week's video.

“Stop.  Breathe.  Look.  Observe.  Touch.  Smell.  And taste the very nectar that exists in every present moment.  How simple to be human. Oh,  how easy to forget.”  -Robin Harford

CRM Minute Month 6 Week 5 Choices and Connections
Download PDF • 268KB

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