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Webs of connection

Greetings! October flew by, so here we are with an October blog post, on November 1st :D

Yesterday we had fun trick or treating, spent time with family, neighbors, and friends. As we walked around the neighborhood to trick or treat, my kids would yell out in excitement as they noticed different Halloween decorations. One of those decorations was the big spider web draped across porches, bushes, and trees.

I've been pondering how amazing spider webs are ever since I went for a walk and came across this beauty of a web. When I spotted it, I was so struck by awe and amazing that I had to just stand there for a minute, mesmerized, and do my best to get close enough to take a picture. Some of the things I noticed that resonated with my thoughts on life:

1) the web is connected to many different anchor points. We need more than one connection to hold us up.

2) the web is suspended in the air with a little tension. Some tension is good for us-without it the web couldn't do it's job.

3) the web is generated within the spider. We, just like the spider, can create new connections everywhere we go, by sharing what's inside of each of us.

As we move into this new month, I hope that each of us can find multiple ways to connect with ourselves, with each other, and with nature around us even as the weather turns cold. May we live in this suspension, even when there is some tension, so that we can support each other as we are all bound up together in this beautiful life. Happy November everyone!

May you be safe, healthy, have joy, and live at peace.


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