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CRM Minute: Gestures of Joy

Our bodies express many emotions through gestures and spontaneous movements, including the emotion of joy!  We might notice that when we are feeling joyful, we dance, cheer, sing, clap, or raise our hands over our heads.  Or maybe it is more subtle in a smile or brightness in our eyes.  These joyful gestures can help spread joy to others-so go ahead, and let the joy out!  When you do, you might notice others join in joy gestures of their own. Check out this week's video here!

“Give the world your love, your service, your healing, but you can also give it your joy. This too is a great gift.”  

-Desmond Tutu, The Book of Joy

CRM Minute Month 7 Week 3 Gestures of Joy
Download PDF • 208KB

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