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Two Sides to the Same Leaf

September has almost come and gone, and the trees are starting to turn colors. I love summer time, but I really love fall. I love a good sweatshirt, when the leaves look like fire, and feeling the day warm up.

Earlier this week my kids and I were walking to the park, and they started collecting leaves that had fallen. A walk that normally takes about ten minutes to the park ended up taking about 45...I could feel myself wanting to tel them to hurry up, but then I realized-what for? They had found the beauty before them-why would I rush them away from that? They started playing a game. They'd pick up a leaf and show me the side that's not very pretty. They'd say "do you like this one?" And I was supposed to grimace and say "No!" Then they'd flip it over and say "how about this one?" To which I would grin and say "yes, how beautiful!" This would result in laughter at their little trick.

Isn't life like that-the mundane, boring, inconspicuous things are the flip side of what makes life so absolutely beautiful. For me right now, that's the daily tasks of being a mom, that lead to these sparkling moments of joy. Two sides to the same leaf...What is your mundane, humdrum right now? Is there beauty to be found there, if we dare to flip it over to the other side? Happy autumn to you all ❤️

May you be safe, healthy, have joy, and live at peace.


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