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Rivers of change


Happy June! What a full month of sunshine and fun, and also meltdowns, lack of routines, and change. I'm working on embracing the new flow of summer, which is sometimes challenging when tempers are high and sleep is low.

I recently started a leadership program, and last week we had our opening retreat for the summer. We explored our personal stories and the different lenses we can use when telling our story or viewing our life. During this time, the speaker shared this quote: "You never step in the same river twice"-Heraclitus. Not only is the river (of life) always changing, but so are we. Every moment, as we exchange oxygen from the air into our lungs and out again, we change. For me, this change sometimes involves grief, sadness, excitement, peace, or several emotions all bound up together. Sometimes change freaks me out!

So what can help be an anchor during all of this change? I think our resources can be huge anchors for us-for me that's my family, faith, nature, and friends. It's also important to note, I believe, that when we practice our wellness skills and notice how that affects our body, our nervous system can be an anchor for us as well. In Elaine Miller Karas's latest edition of her book "Building Resilience to Trauma: The Trauma and Community Resiliency Models" she writes "Our resilient self may feel elusive and is an untapped river of well-being waiting to be experienced." How powerful!

Are you in a season of change? Maybe rapid change, or slow change? May you lean on those resilient resources in your life, and notice that river of well-being inside of yourself as well.

May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.


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