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resiliency pause: shift and stay


Happy end of April! Here we are, in this place and time, with the sun finally finding a few days to shine and bringing some warmth the our part of the world.

I've been feeling a little antsy lately...Antsy for summer to come. Antsy for a few things to wrap up. Antsy for the "later." I remember when I worked in the school setting that at this point in the school year, this feeling of yearning for summer was almost pulpable. As I've been thinking about this antsy feeling in me, I've noticed how much I've struggle to be in the present, and the Shift and Stay into whatever I'm doing. Instead I'm counting down the days, checking my phone again, or filling my thoughts with "what's coming next."

Today I went for a walk. Nothing special, just a walk with my dog around the neighborhood, but I worked at setting my intention on Shift and Stay. Taking the walk-without my headphones, without my phone-I focused on noticing the sun, the sounds, the rhythm of my feet, and then STAYING THERE. That's the trick of presence, isn't it? Shifting to wellbeing, and then giving ourselves enough time to stay there. With the pace of our lives, this staying is the hard part, and the key, to helping our bodies reset. I hope you find some space this week to do something you enjoy, and stay there for a while-basking in the present.

I heard a great quote today in a meeting: "Who we are and how we show up is just as important as the work we are doing."-Katrina Macasaet.

I love this-we are not robots. We bring our whole human selves into these spaces. May we continue to tend to ourselves individually and collectively just as any living thing needs tending.

May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.


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