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Participate in your wellness


We are still into jokes at our house right now-here’s another family favorite: “Why don’t you put a snowman outside in the summer? Because he’ll have a melt down!” As I gear up for the summer full of activities with my kids, I’m there will be lots of fun, lots of meltdowns, and lots of opportunities to practice our CRM skills together :D

I heard a great quote this week from Molly Carmel’s podcast “What You’re Craving” (episode 116) where she was discussing working through a health problem. She was so busy scrambling from doctor to doctor, that she forgot to do the simple things that work for her to better her health. She said “When shame and fear take over…I stop doing what works. So while I’ve been frantically searching for wellness, ironically I have not been participating in my wellness.”

That hit my straight in the gut. We must continue to be about the doing, even as we might be seeking out other supports we need. It made me think about my trip to the dentist earlier this week. I sort of like going to the dentist (strange, I know!). Hear me out-I don’t love pokes or instruments in my mouth, I mostly like how clean my teeth feel when I leave the dentist. And, like the rule follower that I generally am, I go every six months. Even so, I still have to brush my teeth that evening. And the next morning….And the evening and morning after that. See, check ups are important, but so are the daily (multiple times a day) practices that we do on the micro level that keep us healthy. We must be about the practice.

Do I want to feel connected to others? I must reach out to others. Do I need a different perspective? I must ask questions, maybe change my environment. Am I restless? I will go for a walk. Do I need to turn down the noise? Practice some solitude.

Maybe I don’t know how to do something. That’s when I find someone who does, or check out a how-to book, or watch a YouTube video, and I learn from them. Or I learn by doing, failing, and doing some more. I’ll leave today with a quote from Aristotle. Let’s get to the doing, and participate!

May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.


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