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November Resiliency Pause

Greetings! Several times a month I share a moment to take a Resiliency Pause-just a time we intentionally pause from the busy parts of life to reflect on wellness skills and recenter ourselves. Enjoy this Resiliency Pause for the month of November!

The cold and the snow are here, and it feels like winter is upon us. It has been so cloudy and dreary here lately that on the day the sun started shining, my 4 year old son asked "Mommy, why is the sun shining? It's not supposed to be shining-it's winter!" I did my best to explain that the sun still shines in winter even though it's cold out. He's not quite buying it. I, however, am grateful for when the sun peeks through and I can see it out the window or on a walk before the evening comes. I hope you are finding chances to notice the sun each day as well!

Today I wanted to talk about gestures. In the Community Resiliency Model, we talk about gestures and spontaneous movements as those movements of expression that express an idea, sentiment, or attitude, and are made below conscious awareness. We can take note of our gestures, and then call them to mind when needed. I'm going to expand on this definition a little. I recently started attending yoga classes to increase my own movement and physical, mental, and spiritual health. One pose that I've found fascinating is called "Humble Warrior." In this pose, you have your front leg bent into a lung, back leg straight, hands clasped behind your back, and bend forward at the waist. Every time the instructor invites us into Humble Warrior, I am struck by this dichotomy of humility yet strength. I love that-we can be kind, humble, generous-and also be strong, brave, and fierce. It reminded me of Brene Brown's work and her quote: "Don't shrink. Don't puff up. Stand on your sacred ground." I hold on to this especially during challenging conversations or disagreements. This month, may we all find our sacred ground to stand on with humility and strength.

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2 commenti

Thank you for these words to remind us to be kind and generous but also strong, brave, and fierce!

Mi piace

Love it! I’ve adopted this mantra as my own. So powerful when I remember not to shrink, not to puff up, but to stay my sacred size.

Mi piace
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