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CRM Minute: Resource Intensification

We can intensify the felt sense of joy, peace, or calm that we get from our resource by engaging all of our senses into the experience.  If you are thinking about a place that is a resource for you, what sights, smells, sounds do you notice in this place?  Who else is there with you?  By paying attention to all of these things, we can grow the “felt sense” of pleasant sensations in our body and return to the Resilient Zone. Check out this week's video here!

“I’m really paying attention to my surroundings. All of a sudden my senses feel sharper, clearer; my entire being feels like it’s humming with a renewed kind of energy. I am electric.”

           -Tahereh Mafi 

CRM Minute Month 4 Week 3 Resource Intensification
Download PDF • 268KB

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