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Circling back


Happy Spring! Or at least that's what the calendar says :) The weather is still trying to catch up I think.

This last week I have been thinking about circles. Strange, I know, but my kids and I have started playing a game in the car where they pick a shape, and then we look around us to find an object that is that shape. This game came out of desperation as a Help Now skill, but has turned into something fun to do to pass the time. Right now in my office I see my clock, a circle, and it reminds me that every minute I get to start again, from the top, to accomplish what I've set out to do today.

Brene Brown has a concept she calls "circling back." She says "Circling back gives us the opportunity to revisit a conversation or interaction after we’ve had time to fully process. I need to think about this. Can we circle back in an hour?" This weekend, I think I had to circle back to conversations with my husband about 5 different times....Circling back is hard-sometimes I have to apologize, try again, say the hard thing. Circling back is taking the courage to say "I don't get things right all the time, but I'm going to keep showing up for this relationship (or task or team)."

The cool thing about circles and circling back is that it is embedded in our nature. Our very breath is a cycle-in and out, in and out. Our blood circulates, bringing that oxygen to all of our organs. And nature's circles bring us back to spring after each winter. Amazing.

Is there something you want to circle back to today? May we all give ourselves permission to take that deep breath, be courageous, and try again.

May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.

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