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Big feelings


Happy Valentine's Day week! Valentine's Day also happens to be my birthday, so we had some extra celebrations around my house this week. I felt the love of family and friends, while also experiencing a roller coaster of emotions from my children. You see, they also wanted presents for this special day. But sometimes, when you are 5yrs old and 3 yrs old, things don't work out how you had planned in your head, and out come the big feelings.

By big feelings I mean yelling, saying mean things, and crying. Just can't hold it together, and maybe hurting the feelings of those closest to you. When this was happening I could feel myself also having all of those emotions: frustration, anger, sadness...Sometimes I marvel at how free they feel to let out all the big emotions, the ones I try so hard to bottle up or hide away. Yet these big feelings are also how they communicate their needs. When I am feeling frustrated by their big emotions, I try and remember to slow down, believe that this too shall pass, and that in those moments of big feelings, it is when they will need love and connection the most. I think about this comic strip that I have stuck on my filing cabinet at work, that reminds me of this so clearly.

If you are finding yourself with big feelings, or with kids who have big feelings, know that you are seen and heard and valued. May this be a gentle reminder to give yourself permission to remember that with big feelings comes a desire for love and connection, even if it's in a small act like a hug, a kiss good night, or a word of encouragement. Happy February-the month of big feelings, of love, and of connection :)

May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.

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