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Kindness & Love-the things we need most


December is here, full of snow, windy, and the whirlwind of the season. Tomorrow is my son's birthday, so we are also busy getting ready for that as well! I enjoy this time of year, but also know it can be stressful for myself and those around me-a mixed resource-and that's OK. Today I'm focusing on "what else is true" and finding moments to slow down and settle into the awe and wonder of the little things.

A few weeks ago my husband and I took the kids out to eat. My daughter is 3 yrs old, and I would describe her as tiny but mighty! At the restaurant she was trying to open the door by herself. The very heavy door. And in true 3 year old fashion she was not going to let anyone help her. I tried reaching out to pull on the door handle with her, and she yelled "No Mommy! I can do it by myself!" On she pulled to no avail. So then I decided to hold her other hand, and gently pull with her, as her other hand was still holding the door handle. And to her delight, it worked! The door opened for my mighty girl :)

I think we all have these moments sometimes. We want and can do things for ourselves, with just a little extra support from someone holding our hand. Is there someone who can hold your hand for a little extra support, or you for them? This simple kindness can make all the difference.

My kids were watching The Grinch the other night, and I loved this final scene. I especially loved this quote from the Grinch:

"It wasn't Christmas I hated, it was being alone. But I'm not alone anymore...You're daughter's kindness changed my life....

(Let's toast) To kindness and love-the things we need most."

Happy Holidays everyone! May we be safe, healthy, have joy, and live in peace.

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