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Sarah Vining is now offering and accepting new clients for individual therapy in collaboration with Wellspring Therapy Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Sarah believes we all can be empowered through skills that increase our well-being in mind, body, and spirit.  Sometimes we may need a little extra support through individual therapy sessions to process and work through the traumas and stressors of life.  If you find yourself or your child (ages 10yrs and older) in need of extra support for this season of life, contact Sarah at or click here.  You can also call 605-306-2275 to schedule an appointment with Sarah.

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therapeutic background

Sarah is a social worker who has spent her career working with children and
families in a variety of settings. She has provided mental health support and
crisis intervention to children and their families in community settings, within
the juvenile justice system, and schools.


She is passionate about coming
along side people wherever their journey finds them, teaching concrete skills
to support others in living into their best selves.
Sarah is a certified teacher in the Community Resiliency Model, a wellness
framework for understanding how trauma and stress affect our bodies and
simple skills to restore balance to our mind, body, and spirit after trauma or
stress has occurred.


She is also trained in the Trauma Resiliency Model,
providing further therapeutic supports using techniques that support the mind-
body connection we each have. She believes in the integration of all parts of
ourselves within therapy to promote wellness and healing.
Sarah focuses specifically on working with children and families, as well as
older adults as an approved Medicare provider. Specialties include issues
surrounding anxiety, depression, spirituality, adolescent/teen issues,
child/parent/family conflicts, and child/school issues.


Interested in therapy?  Contact me through or directly through Wellspring Therapy Center.


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